Paranoia Borealis

Paranoia Borealis was born in October 2016 as a counterforce to mainstream clothing brands. Our mission is to create thought-provoking  items that not only stand out, but feel awesome and last long.

The founding father of Paranoia Borealis is me; Jouni Hakalahti, a well travelled backpacker and designer. As a genuine T-shirt enthusiast I had a hard time finding any nice shirts in Finnish clothing stores. After seeing the thriving t-shirt scenes in Bangkok and London I felt that we are truly missing out. I wanted to shake the dusty status quo of Finnish chain based clothing industry and bring something new on the table. Something to truly stand out from the crowd.

Roots deep in Finland

As the name states, Paranoia Borealis draws its inspirations from the northern way of life, especially from the strange Finnish culture. Finland is a small country at the far edge of the world. Winters are cold, and so are the people. Or it may seem like that for outsiders.

Actually Finnish people are pretty warm-hearted but have this very distinct, dark sense of humour. Being one of the leading countries in alcoholism and suicides does not seem to bother us. On some really twisted way people even take great pride on these wonderful achievements. We in Paranoia Borealis strive to express that fascinating national temper in our designs.

Our style is influenced by nordic culture as well as metal music, bad jokes, horror movies and popular culture in general. Hopefully our clothes can evoke thoughts and feelings and make someone smile in the process. We are not trying to provoke people on purpose, but it does happen sometimes. “If no one gets offended it’s propably not worth doing” said a wise man once.

Paranoia Borealis
Company ID: 2772030-7
Address: Ratavartijankatu 4 E 97, 00520 Helsinki, Finland
Email: paranoia [at]

We are the good guys

Clothing industry in its entirety is a big corporate-driven business with enormous worldwide problems. Most of the garments in the market are produced in cheap Asian factories that exploit both workers and the nature. There is a colossal cap between the shiny brand images and the cruel reality of underpaid factory workers. Not to mention the low quality of the garments and the vast environmental problems clothing industry generates. This is not something we want to be part of.

Despite of our gloomy looks and somewhat retarded jokes, we are really the good guys. Or at least trying our very best. We have a deep respect for the nature and our fellow humans on this small planet. This is one of the backbones of Paranoia Borealis. Producing any garment always requires natural resources and energy. Some of the garments are, however, better than others. Paranoia Borealis only uses products that are made of certified sustainable materials. As a result the carbon footprint of our produts can be up to 90% smaller than with ordinary products.

Fair Wear certificate ensures that also the workers that manufacture the products are treated fairly and actually get paid for their work.