Evil forest Black


Do you know why Finnish satan worshippers have three christmas trees? Without knowing the answer you’ll never realise the evil message this bag bears. Yes, this print is eeeeeeevil, a true wolf in sheep’s clothing. It contains a secret message that only native Finns can decrypt. Super mysterious, right?

You see, in Finnish language the word “kuusi” means both spruce tree and number six. Three spruces in a row may therefore appear as a tiny forest or the number of the beast, depending on your imagination and level of paranoia.

So are we devil worshippers in Paranoia Borealis? Heh, quite the opposite. Actually this (somewhat retarded, granted) idea was born when we aimed to distill the essence of Finland in one single image. We have forests, we have heavy metal. There are spruce trees in the forest, and metal is supposedly devils music. So there you have it; the evil forest. Carry this bag in Finnish metal festivals and observe the faces of metalheads as they try to figure out what’s the deal with your glossy wunderbaum bag.

The size of this bag is optimal for carrying vinyls etc.

See the reflection demo video below!


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Black fabric tote back with reflective print.

– 170g Woven Twill. High quality and durable.
– 100% Organic cotton.
– Made using renewable wind and solar power.
– Carbon footprint 90% smaller compared to ordinary bags.
– Graphic designed and hand printed in Finland.
– Bag manufactured in India honoring the FWF code of labour practises.

– Width: 36cm
– Height: 40cm
– Straps: 60cm
– Color: Black
– Print: Heat-pressed PVC-free Reflective film.
– Print color grey / silver, highly reflective in the dark.
– Reflective film Certified EN471 Class 2 standard ( 500cd/lux.m2)
– Reflection is really intense and definitely more visible than ordinary reflectors.



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