Alcohol has always been a matter of the uttermost importance to Finnish people. Heavy drinking is one of those things we are well known all over the world. And no wonder, we are truly not recognized for nothing. Booze gulping is deeply tied in the history of our nation. From 1919 to 1932 Finns faced one of their biggest challenges yet in the form of prohibition. Ironically, that was the time when alcohol consumption was at its highest…

This “Spiritus” canvas bag carries a chemical formula of ethanol, the essence of any alcoholic drink. In the form of a cross it encapsulates our almost religious attitudes towards this noble drink. At the same time it reminds us of the dismal consequences of excessive drinking.

We at Paranoia Borealis don’t care to judge people for drinking or being sober. Alcohol has its known upsides as well as downsides. It’s almost the only way to make a Finnish man sing or dance, but leads many of us to downfall. Like it or not, but this bag suits just perfectly for your (hopefully not too frequent) trips to liquor store.

See the reflection demo video below!

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Black fabric tote back with reflective print.

– 170g Woven Twill. High quality and durable.
– 100% Organic cotton.
– Made using renewable wind and solar power.
– Carbon footprint 90% smaller compared to ordinary bags.
– Graphic designed and hand printed in Finland.
– Bag manufactured in India honoring the FWF code of labour practises.

– Width: 36cm
– Height: 40cm
– Straps: 60cm
– Color: Black
– Print: Heat-pressed PVC-free Reflective film.
– Print color grey / silver, highly reflective in the dark.
– Reflective film Certified EN471 Class 2 standard ( 500cd/lux.m2)
– Reflection is really intense and definitely more visible than ordinary reflectors.

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