Russian Roulette

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Russian Roulette is a challenging game, especially with a semi-automatic weapon. Killing ourselves is almost the national sport around here. In addition to drinking, that is. Yes it is tragic, but at the same time it´s age-old tradition that people still proudly cherish. Rope used to be the number one tool to end one’s life, but people today don´t know how to make proper knots anymore.

Suicidal tendencies aside, some people are still playing russian roulette just for fun and excitement. Just remember kids, it´s called roulette because of the revolving cylinder inside the playing device. Playing russian roulette with semi-automatic is just plain silly. Unless you eagerly want to be awarded, like this guy.

Model in pictures 1 & 3 is 181cm / 70kg and wearing size M.
Model in pictures 4 & 5 is 172cm / 70kg and wearing size M.
Both are mentally unstable.


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Russian Roulette

  • Round neck T-shirt
  • Medium fit. Not baggy but not too slim either. Perfect for most people.
  • Material 200 gsm ring-spun combed cotton
  • 100% organic
  • Premium quality
  • Designed and hand printed in Finland
  • Shirt manufactured in Bangladesh honoring the Fair Wear foundations labour practises
  • Available sizes: Small to extra large
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Size guide

Russian Roulette
1. Sleeve lenght20,5 cm20,5 cm21,5 cm 21,5 cm
2. Half Chest, 2,5cm below armhole49 cm51 cm54 cm57 cm
3. Body lenght from the highest point69,5 cm71,6 cm73,5 cm75,5 cm

We warmly encourage you to spend a minute of your time and check these measures before the purchase to achieve the maximal satisfaction. Compare these three measures with your favourite shirt to find out which size is perfect for you. Our t-shirts are round neck, medium fit models. This fit is definitely not baggy but not extremely slim either. Just perfect for most people. There might be minimal shrinkage in lenght after a few washes.

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