Spacetime wallet


Spacetime wallet is NFC secure wallet made of ordinary 1,5l juice carton. Silver matte surface attracts attention but repels dirt and liquids. Thanks to aluminium film your cards are safe from any nasty NFC / RFID bandits out there.

This wallet is really durable despite the fact that it’s made of cardboard. Our first Spacetime has been in daily use almost three years and it’s still in usable condition.
(even though starting to look pretty rough) Wallet is made of one solid piece of cardboard and doesn’t have seams that tear easily.

Strictly limited first patch.

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– Size 9,5cm x 9,5cm x 1cm
– Material: Used juice carton + metal rivets
– Color: Silver spacecolor
– Original Paranoia Borealis design, not available anywhere else
– Hand made in Finland
– Thanks to signal blocking aluminium layer the wallet is NFC / RFID secure
– Can hold at least 14 cards plus banknotes of all sizes
– 100% recyclable

The middle fold of the wallet is kind of stiff at first but it loosens up pretty fast to be just right.

The plastic/aluminium film on the cardboard is pretty robust but it gets scratched with hard materials.
That is why we recommend not not have your keys on the same pocket with the wallet. It’s also better not to wear wallet in your back pocket.

Please notice that this product is hand made and may therefore have slight variations in appearance and finish.
Some of the wallets have silver colored rivets and some are copper.

When the wallet finally gets old and ragged you separate the rivets from cardboard and recycle them separately.
Cardboard is also safe and suitable for burning.

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